Thursday, January 17, 2013


Carter turned 11 a couple weeks ago and I've been meaning to do a post about him ever since.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kid that Carter is and the person he is becoming.  Below are 11 of my favorite things about him

1- He's such a cool, laid back, easy-going kid.  When people first meet my kids they don't usually get to know Carter because Logan is usually more outgoing and in their faces (no offense Logan :)  Next they notice Camryn and her sweet personality, it takes really spending some time with our family before they notice Carter, mostly because he's not one to beg for attention, he's very content with being in the background.  Eventually though, anyone that spends time with us falls in love with him and his sweet demeanor. 

2- Carter LOVES babies and little kids.  When we first moved to Nicaragua we didn't know any boys Carter's age.  Our first few outings with friends didn't include anyone for Carter to hang out with.  He immediately friended a 3 year old little girl, who adored him.  They'd swim and play together and we'd sit and laugh as Delilah said "Carda, Carda" and he'd follow along and play with her, it was so sweet.  Eventually he made a few friends closer to his age but he was always willing to leave them and hang out with Delilah when she asked him to come play. 

3- Carter is his little brother's hero.  Sometimes this annoys him a little but I'm so glad that Logan has someone like Carter to look up to.  They are really good friends, especially considering the 4+ years in age difference.  He is usually very patient and let's Logan tag along with him and his friends and for that I will be forever grateful.

4- Carter is a really good friend.  He has some really good friends and I know it's because he's always been a good friend to them.  I love the group of boys that we have in this neighborhood and I can't wait to see them all grow up together and I know they will all make awesome missionaries.

5- Carter loves surfing and was pretty dang good at it too.  It was something that we did together a lot in Nicaragua, which made it even more fun for me.  Even when we went to the beach on a cold windy day that didn't stop him from getting out in the waves.  I hope we're able to get him to a beach from time to time so he can get better and better at it.  After the first time we went surfing he told me "Surfing has kind of ruined everything else mom" meaning that nothing else was fun compared to surfing, he absolutely loved it.

6- Carter loves skiing and again, is pretty dang good at it.  He and his dad spent the day skiing together a couple weeks ago and we plan to go again next week (and I hope to get to ski with him some that time).  He's a little dare devil who likes to go FAST and it scares his mom a little but I'm also very proud of how brave he is, often there will be a ski run that he's not sure if he wants to do but almost always he decides to go for it and usually it is a good decision :) so far only minor injuries with his crashes. 

7- Carter is SUPER smart.  Anyone that knows Carter knows this.  He taught himself to read at the age of 4 and he loves to read.  I never have to worry about his AR points or anything else that involves reading because he really enjoys it. 

8- Carter keeps his room clean (for the most part).  He's definitely my cleanest kid and usually his room is clean before I even ask.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this and hope his little brother eventually follows in his footsteps in this regard.

9- Carter is a funny kid.  Once he comes out of his shell and you really get to know him he is such a fun kid to be around.  I love those moments when it's just me and him and he opens up and tells me about something, whether serious or funny.  I am hoping to have more moments like this over the next year on our weekly "date".

10- Carter enjoys life.  This may be evident from the first nine things but it's a quality that I really like about him.  He doesn't always want to do some of the things that we do, but once he's there he always has a good time.  Of all the kids he had the hardest time being away from friends and family while we were in Nicaragua but he didn't let that ruin his time there, he still had a great time and did not spend his time moping around or complaining.  I know this is an area that I need to learn from him and I'm very grateful for his example. 

11- Carter is and will always be my little buddy.  I don't care how big he gets I will always see the little boy in him.  I love him to pieces and I'm so thankful that I get to be his mom. 


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